Downloaded Armour Strangeness

Wardancer again I have come across a strange inconsistency when it comes to downloaded armours such as Mark V, Deadeye, and ODST. They appear normally in matchmaking games but when it comes to Spartan Ops the Recruit armour is there instead of the downloaded armour. Oh and it also does the same thing for weapon skins and tactical package (resistor) support upgrades (survivor and recharge) as well. Now I know perhaps I am being too knit picky, but when I pay for something I expect to see it. Is just me having this problem? Get on it 343.

The Champions Bundle content does not work in Spartan Ops due to memory limitations. 343 stated this a while ago, and due to memory limitations, they do not, nor never will have a fix.

I hope this helps and have a nice day now.

I see, thank you for providing an answer.