Downloadable content challenge 343i!

I thought of an amazing challenge that you could do for Halo 4 for laughs.Why not right?

It would involve the Grunt Overlord as a boss in a small to medium sized arena inside a bunker.The title of this challenge could be something like “Vengeance of the Grunts”.

The challenge would be to defeat the Grunt Overlord of course.8 players that each only have 1 life, meaning if they die they must depend on their team.However, if your team captures a spawn point they can revive the fallen teammates.The Grunt Overlord will be around the size of a Hunter but will wield dual-fuel rod cannons.He will have a shield system similar to Tartarus, and will only go down for a brief duration.Grunts will be spawning from spawn points that you will need to capture.

After each spawn point capture it will cause a EMP effect on the Overlord’s shields which will go down for a XX amount of time, about 10 seconds would be good i think.The Grunt overlord will proceed to recapture a spawn point which will allow your team to capture a new location and respawn dead teammates.You can only respawn teammates that are dead once when you capture a spawn point.Meaning capturing spawn points will be needed to prevent regular Grunts from spawning and to weaken the Overlord’s shields so you can attack.3-4 spawn points would be good but scattered in a square pattern.

This is purely for the challenge and fun of it.It does not need to be canon, but will also bring in a new character to the Halo universe that will be your’s 343.This should’nt be very difficult to make since you could repurpose a multiplayer level and use a slightly modified version of dominion’s capture and hold system.

Stats of the Grunt Overlord should be outrageous of course.With a incredible amount of health,immunity to headshots,and aggression that would put a pissed off brute to shame.Dual fuel rods with mini plasma turret’s on his shoulders with grunts shooting them(they can be shot off, but 2 more will replace them constantly).I’ll leave the rest to your imagination.

If anyone has any other idea’s to add for this, feel free to post it!

I like this challenge it would be nice to have a good co-op mode to play