Download question (important)

If i have the xbox on the instant on mode will the game still download?
Was wondering because ill have to leave it over night and dont really want it on fully
I have the options auto download updates and purchases and when xbox is off, turn off storage
Not sure what that second one is so a little confused

Energy saving mode on the Xbox One turns off your console off completely. You need your console to be on Instant on mode for the game to download while the console is ‘off’

yeah sorry i mean instant on but i changed it above to the settings i have it on, would that allow me to still download it? or do i need all option on?

nooo put it on instant on and make sure the download updates box is checked and i unchecked the turn harddrive disk off when xbox is off just to make sure it was downloading and installing when it was off.

Okay thanks, so the only thing i have on is instant on and auto download updates and purchases, everything else is disabled…