Down Tone Revolution Clan

Hello my fellow soldiers. I am formally requesting for some new dedicated soldiers to join my cause. You need the following to join:

  1. Willingness to change your emblem

  2. Willingness to change your service tag

  3. Willingness to change your motto

  4. Willingness to change your colors

  5. You must be able to listen to orders

  6. You must follow the rules

  7. You must care about the clan and its well being

  8. You must put your up most greatest amount of strength in this clan

  9. You must be able to attend meetings every Saturday

10)You are required to show respect to your superiors

11)Don’t worry no need to change your gamer tag unless you want to

And this is a small list of what is required to join. We are a well structured clan with branches divisions and etc. We only look for mature players who can provide a service and skill to further their careers in DTR. We are a very much friendly kicked back clan looking to have fun, and maybe even start a Machinima soon. If you have certain resources for the clan it would be very much appreciated if you help us out with such. You would be given a high position if you could provide the resources. As discussed earlier in the list if you change your gamer tag it would be greatly appreciated but is not required. If you are intrested in joining please message the following gamertags:

  1. DTR Legend 69

  2. Lou money

  3. akatmac12

  4. Still newt3

These four people will be willing to recruit you into the Down Tone Revolution. Because when your children grow to be of age and they ask you “Mommy/Daddywere you apart of the Revolution?” You can proudly say, “Yes, Yes I was Son/Daughter”