Doubles: OBJ and Maps

Commubity Doubles has been a great playlist, but it could be so much better. With the addition of objective gametypes and 343 maps it would be an amazing playlist! The playlist needs objective game types to create variety in the gametypes so it isn’t just slayer over and over. The maps have been great but without 343 maps there will be fatigue on the community maps. With 343 maps you are also helping yourself out in other playlists that use those maps.

I seriously do not understand why 343 hasn’t made doubles permanent on halo 5. Halo 4 had doubles and it was awesome! It had multiple game types as well- Oddball- CTF - King of the hill. I don’t mind if they didn’t have those in halo 5 but to think it would be hard to just keep a permanent doubles play list is so weak… Also that they aren’t including lot of the regular maps in any of the social doubles playlists is mehhhhh too. A lot of the normal maps could do alright IMO for doubles. People were concerned about too much power weapon control and than its game over for other team. Well that’s how it is in any playlist so I don’t get it?