Doubles needs a refresh

As 343 continues updating the playlists and keeping things from getting stale in halo 5 while we wait for infinite. I’ve noticed that the doubles playlist could also get rotated. We’ve currently had competitive doubles for a while now. Although it is a great playlist for those who like to get sweaty, there is very little for map selection. Playing on the same maps does get boring. Also while I appreciate competitive doubles for having actual tournament settings, you do start to miss using other weapons in halos sandbox. Yes that magnum is a great gun but having an assault rifle and being able to pick up other weapons besides the select few for the current playlist would be nice. If 343 could rotate back in just regular doubles with some new forged maps designed for 2v2 instead of the old forged maps we got before, I think it would be a nice refresh, and a good change of pace.

I totally agree, there’s not enough diversity to keep people interested. I would love to see some new forged maps and other 343 maps like eden or colosseum