Doubles Has the Actual Worst Teammates Imaginable

Nobody has a mic

Nobody knows how to control power weapons

Nobody knows how to team shoot

Everyone runs off alone feeding kills and putting me in a 2v1 over and over and over

I can’t figure out how so many people don’t know how to play this game at this point, A LOT OF THESE PEOPLE ARE AT LEAST DIAMOND IN OTHER RANKED PLAYLISTS

My leg is very bruised from the amount of times I punched it.



Doubles is new and there’s a lot of new players who may not have ever played doubles in halo before. I’ve been playing doubles since H2 online. But even I wasn’t ready for CTF Bazaar

It’s so bizarre playing doubles ctf.

I usually don’t use a mic. But I do ping enemies and my random teammate almost always tries to act off of that.

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No I mean, this is people who are like Diamond 4-6 and even some onyx and they’re playing like they have no idea how the game works, I’m literally losing my mind

Every loss is an absurd screw up at the last few kill mark that ruins everything

Last game me and the other guy were working great together and he rockets himself when it was 24-24

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Yikes! I thought diamonds were created under pressure.


My friends mostly deleted the game.

A couple still play, rarely

I’ve played five matches of doubles in all of my years of Halo and it was last Wednesday for the Ultimate challenge. If it were not for the challenge I would have never touched the playlist.


One of the reasons I can’t stand matchmaking, and one of the perks of picking teammates yourself. When you find good people to play with, none of these issues is a problem again.

Doubles sucks right now because the weekly challenge for everyone is to play doubles for 5 games. People don’t give a -Yoink!-. They just want to complete matches for their rewards.


This… I played my 5 and then got the hell out of there…won 2 games but sucked in 3 so I apologize to my teammates who had to deal with it….


I’ll play with you today. I’m good against mediocre players, looking to improve against elite. If you won’t get frustrated with me I’d like to try if we are both on :sunglasses:


No comms is the absolute worse thing playing any online game. Especially a multiplayer like Halo where you need constant communication to stay one step ahead.

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Find a teammate then.

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Halo feels like a drug sometimes. I’ve tried to quit so many times and usually come back weeks later. No game plays like halo, it just sucks that each halo that’s been coming out has been plagued with BS in it where over half the population say goodbye in the first few months. The die hards keep stepping back into the abusive relationship lol asking themselves why as they stare into the abyss of their gaming monitors shortly before logging out.

Match making ranking problems
Content problems
Balance problems
Netcode, and stability issues
The many “why does this halo have this, but not the newest one” issues.
Etc etc

Man…then the problems of this game…to many fall under the “this time its f2p” so it’s assumed players should cut the dev some slack this time around.

I think most players were happy to get an additional playlist to play for ranked, so much that they don’t even care that they’ve probably never really touched doubles in any of the past halo games because they weren’t begging for crumbs of the playlist suite other halos had available to them from the get go and had to settle for whatever happened to come out in the newest one.

Hey! Don’t do that, self harm is bad! Instead, if you have a sibling nearby, punch them instead! I hope this helped. :smiley:


I turned on my series x yesterday and saw an update being done for Halo Infinite, I thought cool! I hop on, it’s team dubs, awesome. I played a couple of games and all my teammates left. Won’t even think about turning on Infinite for the next few months now.

Same here. Played 5 social team doubles for the challenge. Not going to touch it again, This gamemode can only be played if people use their mic.
None of my friend who played halo 5 is playing infinite. No spartan companies, no after match lobbies. Its really difflcult for a solo player to find team mates.

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Ranked Doubles is bad, just team death match is awful. Personally I don’t see why ranked doubles doesn’t have all the game modes besides dodge ball that normal Team Double has.
I also don’t like how fast the weapons/power ups spawn. I would rather have full ammunition and take longer or better yet. Just have half the ammunition and not take longer.

Social doubles I’m out here slaughtering by myself and don’t get annoyed. Plus most people in doubles unlike any non doubles, about 70% of the time have mics.

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I should emphasize I’m talking about Ranked, not Social. I don’t play social unless I have to for challenges, or if people want to play BTB. I hate hate hate hate AR starts

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Oh I bet. I learned this in Halo 3 and haven’t played a doubles without someone I know since.