Doubles has been ruined

So why after promising over a year ago that there would be no Req variant weapons in arena do they all of a sudden go to town and pour them into team doubles, and “are excited because it adds variety.” Updating the maps to match HCS would have been perfect, but nope 343 always has to screw something up. Quite honestly i love the binary rifle that is an instakill continuous beam rather than a precision sniper rifle. As well as a dmr that shows enemies full state of health. And oh yea the suppressor thats n more powerful than the original. All of these are beautiful on top of the twitch shooter type gunfighter pistol. All of these truly do deepen the play and improve it tremendously, thank you for this amazing refresh

Try posting your feedback in the official feedback thread:—feedback-thread/609e576b-7a88-4e66-a78d-ecf7bf2e1159/posts.

Thanks, and Happy Haloing!