Double XP Trouble

I can’t seem to redeem my double XP. Whenever i go to, i get “unknown error occurred”. Has anyone else had this problem, and can i fix it?

I have been having the same problem today. I have only 40 matches of double xp left before i reach the max 200 matches. I was going to enter them today but it keep coming up with the error occurred thing. Tried it through internet explorer on Xbox 360, computer on two different accounts and mobile. Also i have been selected on Xbox for default playlist today which has never happened. Maybe the ip address is linked in some way. Are you have the <mark>“halo 4 servers are not available. Please try again later. Matchmaking has switched to using the default playlis.?”</mark>

I am getting the same error - just started today for me. Was working on Friday.

I’m get the same message too.

is there a way to fix this error

It’s so annoying it’s 11:43 PM and the website is still f***ed up.

I am getting the same error.