double xp + spartan ops

do your approve of it?

Yes I do. 11k exp in 7-8 mins? why not.

The EXP cap doesn’t. Takes like 3 hours to hit it doing this, so stupid. I wish they would get rid of the cap already.

Doesn’t matter really, 343 sees it as a legitimate way to earn xp.

Been hogging it, went up like 20 odd levels in the last few days thanks to it and the double xp.

I’ll take whatever experience I can get.

Yes, if I don’t have the time to play Halo for the day then I spend my double xp there so its like I played for hours but in reality it was like 30 mins

I’m tired of this daily xp cap. Its ruining my playtime. If i want to grind through these missions then let me. Why does 343 insist on releasing a dbl xp promotion and not set the bar accordingly…

Takes me 2 hours to hit it.

I miss Bungie. We would have heard something by now.

Cap? What Exp cap? I play for HOURS and never hit the cap once.

Really, they need to give you a bit more XP for War Games. Do what Reach and Call of Duty did, make the match bonus at the end of the match worth more as you reach higher levels.

However, nothing is going to dissuade people from doing Double XP Spartan Ops; it’s this game’s Score Attack.