double xp promo question

So I have collected some double xp items and have about 50 games of double xp coming. My question is how does go to my gamertag? When I create a account should I use the same email linked to my Xbox account? Or can I use my facebook since my gamertag is on my fb also but my fb has a different log in email. So which should I use to create the dewxp account so it goes to my Xbl gt? Does this make sense

You can use what ever you want for the initial sign up on the double xp site. Once you set up the double xp account, you then enter your codes as usual.

Then, you will see on the main page of your dashboard, an green xbox live login button and you click and enter your windows live login for your gamertag.
Once logged in with your gamertag, you then can apply your double xp games to it.

Hope this helps.

it doesn’t matter, once you log in you need to connect it with your gamertag anyway.

Thanks I wanted to clarify before I started