Double XP Not working

I’ve used 2 double XPs in a row and it neither doubled my daily xp, nor challenge xp. What is it for?

Also, side suggestion. Make double xp only countdown during matches like Battlefield 4. It will earn goodwill with the community and make it more valuable if your goal is to sell them. I personally will not buy double xp as is. There is too much time wasted in loading screens and waiting for for matches to queue. It’s a waste. Keep the same lobbies for a few games at the very least so we can go from game to game and make double xp only count down when I’m actually playing in a match. Then it’ll be worth my money.

they’ve already said they will work like that sometime in the future. Right now doubling the duration is all they can do while making the other system.

It should have doubled your XP. Your challenges will still show as if they give you the normal XP amount but your progression will be twice as fast.
They work just fine for me personally at least.

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Seems to be working the last couple of days! Glad they are fixing it so quickly!