Double XP not applying to earnings; and other bugs

As the title suggests double xp is bot applying to any challenges earned or match xp earned. I just wasted 3 double xp which isn’t great. Please fix this asap.

Melee registration is a lot better but I have still missed a few, noticeable in the new game mode playlist.

Hit registration is the same as before, or at least negligible from before. ‘Desync’ is still an issue.

Commando is much improved and needed. Feels a lot better. But commando SWAT is dumb imo unless it can be changed to single rate fire for it. Too many bullets

Haven’t messed around with forge yet but looks great. Hopefully a browser is added soon

Overall it’s a step in the right direction with hopefully bug patches being more frequent now. Heres hoping🤞. I do want this game to succeed but it honestly has a long way to go. But again I want it to get there and I think y’all do too

If you haven’t yet, please submit a ticket with screenshots (if possible) to Halo Support!


coming back to this, our devs looked into it and you ARE getting 2XP but it’s not being visually reflected in the post game screen. just FYI!

so your boosts were not actually wasted.


The shot reg is about twice as worse than before, and I just saved 3 clips of myself and an enemy melee against me not registering.

Game is behaving VERY weird.

feedback is nice but if you are experiencing so many bugs, please report them to Halo Support for us instead of posting here so the people that need the info, get it.

thank you! :slight_smile:


I will try to get a clip if i can. I been getting regular XP while using 2x XP also. I can live without that XP, but if it helps find/fix a bug I’ll use another double XP token.

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we tested this a bunch of times. our engineers confirmed on the backend that the 2XP is counting – you just don’t see it on the UI right now


You know that might be it. Because the bar was moving fast and far but the XP numbers showed up unaffected. Either way. Taking a video on my end wont hurt.

Either I replicate OPs problem and help fix it.
Or I show that I got double XP even if the UI says i did not.

Side note: Loving the communication level form you guys these days. It’s appreciated.

Thanks for the responses here. That would be strange if it is working properly. I know of one instance where I completed a 500xp challenge (plus got my match bonus xp on top if that) and my rank didn’t go up more than 1000xp. That would be unless those numbers are all ready doubled before I see them.

I have already finished all the challenges for this week. I will test it out again next week and submit a ticket accordingly. I do hope I am wrong but I don’t believe so

Ps also wanted to add that the more generic challenges are a much welcome addition too^^

I was at rank 7. 900/1000 from level 8.

I also had the Capstone Challenge left.

I finished a game with Double XP equipped. Got 250XP for finishing BTB and 50 for winning along with getting the Capstone Challenge completed for 500

I was rank 7 with 900/1000 from Rank 8. The 2(250+50) for wining the game should net me 600XP landing me at Rank 8 with 500/1000 from rank 9. With the 2x500 for doing the Capstone challenge i should have gotten another 1000XP. Ultimately landing at Rank 9 with 500/1000 from Rank 10. And that is exactly where i landed.

I cannot speak for your results. But from the pictures you can see that the UI does not display the double XP even though i did, in fact, earn it.

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Wow… a respone. It would be nice if you guys would communicate more often. The removal of Bot Bootcamp and the lack of PvE should be addressed. Thank you.

Kinda experiencing the same thing with BR shots. I am hitting up people with cracked shields and not downing them! Frustrating…
But other people seem to 2-burst me and i’m dead. I always wonder how they do it.

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So was able to test today and you are correct. The after action report is not showing all the xp given but pre double xp numbers. If I look at my rank after the report how I would check upcoming challenges it shows the correct xp amount. Would hope this will get fixed but I am glad that at least it is the right xp

Thanks snickerdoodle