Double XP matches lost (Gone missing)

So over the last week, I’ve last about 5 DXP matches and I don’t know why. Some of them are pretty legit in why, though not always consistant.

1st match, I lost quite literally, miraculously. I had 3 tokens left after one game, 1 left after the second.

The second, I should have lost when I quit in the middle of another match because someone killed the marine on Gagarin and froze the cutscene. Later, this was lost when I dashboarded in the middle of a countdown. (A friend wanted to join me but I couldn’t back out.)

The third was lost miraculously as well. I started a game with only one token remaining, as that’s all I applied, when I finished, I didn’t get double XP

Another was lost when I quit a game early because my team mates were morons. (Essentially feeding in slayer. I couldn’t stand it so I just opted to quit.

And today, I lost one to quite possibly the most interesting cause yet. In the middle of a game of Spart Ops, my group of four all were experiencing some pretty heavy lag. I don’t mean delay input or delay transmission, I mean outright game pausing every 2 seconds lag. After a pause that lasted like 7 seconds, I noticed all three of my buddies were X’d on the map and on the list, but the game continued for me. On theirs, however, I was the only one who left. I finished my match solo and didn’t get my double XP.

With one being sort of lost when I claimed about half of my unincreased xp, hit the cap, essentially wasting the token because it didn’t give me the remainder after hitting the cap, which I whole-heartedly think it should have.

Now, I’m not pissed about this because I buy Mtn Dew all the time while I’m working, mostly for lack of better choice and I get a discount so I have several games stored. I just don’t like that of the initial 43 that I started with, at best, I can claim 38 of them.

Same thing happened to me. I had 18 games of 2x XP one night and the next day I had 6. That’s happened on a few occasions.

Yeah, I lost about 12 yesterday also

Are they going to do anything about this?

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There are 2 lessons to be learned here…

  1. Get good internet, stopmusing dial-up
  2. Stop quiting games

My DewXP hasn’t worked since the Day 1 server crash… :frowning: And 343 won’t help a lick with it. So be happy it is working at all for you.

> -snip-

  1. My internet is fine.
  2. I rarely quit a game unless some jerk is in the wall on complex or I’m stuck in a booster lobby.

Thanks for the helpful comment though…

Ive lost over 50 games of double xp. 343 is never going to publicly address this situation because the they screwed up the whole double xp thing BIG TIME.

I redeemed 6 earlier but when I played the first game it said there were only 4 left.

I lost 35 tokens on the opening day and I recieved an XBL message from bs angel that they where going to award my account…

6 days later and still no double xp.

Its not a HUGE deal, just a big one. The game is great which is what really mattered to me. Thank GOD Reach is finally gone…