Double XP greyed out when Winter Contingency went live

I have 11 2xp tokens and no matter how many times I reset the game or console the whole “boost” menu is greyed out.

Anybody else run into this and have a workaround?

Thanks gang! :sunglasses:

im on pc and double xp is greyed out also… no workaround

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Looks like they’ve expired

‘To commemorate and celebrate the first Halo Infinite major esports event – HCS Raleigh – players will be able to earn double XP for a new set of ranked-focused challenges for one week (Dec. 14 – Dec. 20).’

weren’t the xp boosts a thing before the ranked challenge week though? what about ones that came from like the rockstar codes and other promos? :confused: that don’t seem right

my first thought was maybe they just locked out double xp just for the event week?

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yea what lgndrydad is talking about has nothing to do with the double xp tokens


I was thinking that too, so we didn’t blow through the event too fast. If that’s the case, it’s a bit harsh -_-

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This is exactly the reason. I am assuming that they don’t have a system in place to differentiate between the XP gains between events and standard play so the quick fix was disabling the boosts.


the event doesn’t use XP, you unlock one item every day after playing one game… has nothing to do with exp gains so no reason to block double exp tokens, it doesn’t matter if you play one game or 30 games in a day you only unlock 1 item

the system they had in place was to have specific bountys for the event and each bounty completed was one item unlocked … its how the last event worked… people complained about it so now its one unlock a day for your first game completion no exp needed you don’t even need to win just complete a game


@Death_Lord1318 thanks for the clarification! So now we need to figure out why the boost menu is disabled :thinking:

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Tenrai was able to be boosted with the double xp boosters. Plenty of players here were suggesting it and there are plenty of articles stating that it worked.

If 343’s fix was to link the Winter pass gain with your first 300 XP game challenge for the day, then it is possible that the xp gains are still in effect in the background, and still able to be boosted.

It is entirely possible that the boosts were never supposed to work during the events, and was an unforeseen issue only discovered during the Tenrai event. Since it is the holidays, the simplest fix would be to disable the boosts till the team gets back and can enact an actual fix.


I’ve also got greyed out inactive boost menu. It’s been this way for about a month around the time when I upgraded from beta.

I cannot increase level or use existing boosts or xp grants. Its all inactive in the Boosts menu.

Tried restarting console. Very weird. What’s going on here?

I don’t want to have to reinstall but it may be only way.


So far it seems like the boost are unavailable during events. :confused: