Double XP for buying Map packs?

I’ve already got the map pass so I’ll be getting all the maps regardless but I thought it would be a great idea to offer double xp with them. The reason is that I don’t want to be shepherded in to a small corner of Matchmaking when playing these new maps. I would have spent extra for a more complete version of the game and so I think these maps should be integrated in to other playlists and they become DLC required. The double xp wouldn’t be for me though, it’d be an incentive for everybody else to upgrade from their incomplete versions. On top of the double XP, 343i could even give specialisation codes to anyone who is stuck at lvl 70. Then there’d be no reason not to get the maps.

What do you guys think?

Having the playlists as a DLC required playlist would be a stupid thing to do.

Best thing to do is to have it so if everyone in the lobby has the new maps then make it so there is a high chance of one of the new maps being one of the vote-able options. If a couple of people dont have it then they wont be included in selection.

This would stop the segmentation of the playing community. A double XP for the first week of the Maps being released and an additional couple of playlists just for DLC for the first couple of weeks might work out well as well.

Or after 6 months of all the maps being released, make them half price.

The reason I don’t think it’s a stupid idea is because the more map packs I buy, the more I feel like I’m wasting my money. When playlists are not DLC required, I simply don’t get to play on the new maps enough. And I’m sure other people have felt this way too. If we’re spending more money on the game, why deter us from doing so? It’s bad for business.

By making playlists DLC required you’re opening up more of the game to those who have spent extra money, and if those who have incomplete versions of the game don’t like it, they can either man up and buy the map packs so they can play too, or don’t buy the map packs and play in the playlists that don’t require DLC. If these players decide not to buy the map packs, then nothing has been lost because without DLC required playlists they wouldn’t have bought them anyway. But, if they do decide to buy the map packs to play in the wider range of playlists, then you’ve now got more people with the DLC than before.

And of course, there’s the third option whereby people can boycott the game altogether because only the stronger fans would be willing to splash their cash. But that’s where the double xp comes in. An incentive for the more casual player to buy the DLC, who’s been struggling and grinding his way up the progressive ranking system.

To top this all off, I’d like to see the map packs become free much earlier than it took previous map packs. If playlists are DLC required and there are players who really really don’t want to spend money, then we don’t want to lose those players either. Would this be fair on the people who bought the DLC? Of course. We’d have had much more playing time on these maps before the people who got them for free, and if playlists start to die, we’d get an injection of new players exploding in to them.

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