Double xp fail!

I was level 69, not knowing I would not be able to rank up past 70 at the time. I had just redemed 30 games of 2XP, yes thirty! Got stuck on 70 for a week, just got the specialization code, thanks for that, but all my doubleXP is gone.

Not one left, I LOST 30 GAMES OF DOUBLEXP! That sucks major! Got a feelin I’m just stuck out, but is there anyone else who lost 2XP?

Your double XP isn’t gone, when you can earn credits again they will be waiting for you.

Yo, I’ve played games, gotten credits, but not 2XP. I think it added it to my games played when I didn’t gain XP, & gave me 2 times zero XP, NOTHIN

Strange…never did it to me?..bad luck I guess :confused:

I’m guessing you got your 2XP back after not ranking up, I hope I’m not the only one, the would be just strange.