Double XP Boosts Should be Paused When Offline

I feel that this is complete bs, I feel that when your not logged on that the 1 hour XP boost should be paused so that your not wasting your boost and possibly even money.

I feel that this was done on purpose for monetization.


I feel like they should just be changed to a set number of games instead of a time limit


Personally I feel that they should only be active when you’re actively earning XP, but yeah, they definitely shouldn’t be ticking away while you’re not even on the game. Warframe does that crap too and I despise it.

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I’m just surprised anyone would activate one if they don’t intend to play for the next 30 minutes…?

Sometimes things in life pop up that don’t allow us to play for an hour, sometimes people have other things to do, sometimes we get busy or perhaps an emergency. Loads of different reasons why someone wouldn’t play the full hour.

If you’re a kid, then you understand the fact that parents who don’t play video games also do not understand you can’t always just ‘pause the game’ to come back later. And in my experience, parents always have the worst timing.

You just started a ranked match? Well drop everything that you’re currently doing and come answer a question I can literally wait to ask you. Or come help me decide something that doesn’t really need your input. Or even, I didn’t give you any warning, but I’m now home with groceries and need your help bringing them inside.

Parents do not understand that you can’t always just get up and walk away from what you’re doing. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a video game is more important than family or life, but if you’ve just sat down and started a game up, it is incredibly frustrating to be yanked away especially if resources that can not be taken back have been spent and walking away means wasting those resources.

If you’re an adult, literally anything that can go wrong, will.

It’s your day off? Well sorry, Sally Sue called off sick and I need you to come in and cover her shift. You just got home? Well I need you to come back to the office to iron out some details that could probably wait till morning, but I don’t wanna chance it.

And that’s the lighter side of it, family will be old by that time and the threat of them passing away or getting hurt and needing medical help is very real and takes precedence.

Life is just a matter of ‘how badly will I roll today?’


Very much agree with this. If it’s 30 minutes of XP boost then you should have 30 minutes of the XP you are earning being boosted.

I think 343 can’t have it both ways, if they want XP boosts to be real world time not in-game time then I expect to be getting some rewards for playing the game even when I’m not :rofl: either out of game time counts for progression or it doesn’t.

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But how are they gonna sell you more? Part of the tactic is “waste time”

Yes, I’ve said this before on here - just remove the time feature of it altogether and make it double the next source of xp or something like that. Maybe it doubles the next 3 or 4 challenges.


Yeah I get it’s all about the aggressive monetization and it will probably make them more money and if that’s all they care about then yeah there is no incentive to change it.

Personally, and obviously I can only speak for myself here, I might buy some XP boosts if they only counted for time actually in a match, so for me they aren’t making any money from XP boosts with this method but they would if they changed it.

I try to avoid free to play games usually so the best experience I can think of close to this is Star Trek Online, don’t know if they still do but they used to do XP boosts that just boosted your XP for a set amount of XP, so when you next earned 1,000 XP you’d actually get 2,000 XP as an example. I thought this was a really fair way of doing things because it’s always clear exactly what you are getting.

With the current method you might not be able to be in game for all of that time, the servers might go down, you might be stuck trying to get into games for longer, the games you play might drag for ages.

Also, what happens if an XP boost expires during a game? Say I have 5 minutes left and start a game with a 15 minute time limit, well you earn your XP at the end of the game so I guess you’re just out of luck. Great.


What if it just doubled the XP of your 4 current active weekly challenges until they are complete.

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That sounds like another option that’s better than the current implementation.