Double vehicles on Ragnarok

Anyone else have this happen? I was playign a game of big team infinity slayer on Ragnarok earlier today, and there was a 2nd of each vehicle normally at each base. 2 mantises, 2 banshees, a half-dozen mongooses. The extra vehicles were haphazardly placed around the map. The banshee was upside down and against the cliff behind the base. The mongooses were stacked on top of each other.

It did make for a very interesting game early on, and once both copies of each vehicle were destroyed, only the one would respawn. Still, it was very strange and I hadn’t seen it before.

Happened to me twice. On Solace and Haven. No vehicles, but double initial ordinance drops. I had a host migration on these as soon as the match started. So I think it has to do with host migrations.