Double Tap Forward to Sprint

I already made a post mentioning this, but I wanted to make a post just for it so it wasn’t lost in the small book I wrote. Basically, I can’t click the stick down to sprint. It’s just a hand muscle problem. I figure other people have an issue with it, so I thought it’d be cool to add. Other modern shooters do it. Even Minecraft does.

Since Xbox is very supportive of accessibility options as an overall company, I bet if you put a ticket in with this request it would get implemented. I’m not sure if it would make launch, but I bet it would show up eventually.

Yeah i’d like it too. Works great in ce will work great in infinite

This would be a good accessibility feature, however I’d like to ask what control scheme you currently use?

I use Bumper Jumper, where Sprint is activated by pressing the A button. This may be a temporary workaround for you, but you would be losing access to crouch/slide which are tied to clicking the left stick.

Ideally you wouldn’t have to lose access to anything, but one positive to losing crouch is (as it currently stands) the motion tracker only detects you when Sprinting or firing your weapon. When normally running forward without sprinting you are not detected, much like crouch walking in previous titles.

Heavy dislike.

Don’t see why they couldn’t add it.