Double shoting the BR

Is there a way to double shot the BR or are these people cheating? I see people doing this in gameplay and in the theater.

I’ve been seeing this a lot recently and I keep telling myself it’s just lag but you know what I would not be surprised if it was a new glitch/exploit. Pray to the Forerunners it isn’t.

If truly happening, cheating. Contact BS Angel

As of late, I have never seen this before, maybe a link to the film?
Double shotting BRs should only be if:

  1. Player being shot at is already low
  2. There are more people shooting at the player
  3. Hax
  4. Mods
  5. Glitches
  6. Damage Boost?

Oh, It is definitely happening, no doubt about it…

Unless we get more people who have experienced this, we have no idea if truly happening or not… I’ve seen the DMR lag out and fire like three shots real fast but the BR thang’ has been happening a lot recently.

I also got double shot by an sniper at the start of a Ragnarok game a few days ago.

Well that’s why I was chiming in to see if anyone else has seen this happening because I have. They seriously need to do something about these cheaters.

video please…?

Just to be clear, double shoting the BR is lessening the pause between shots resulting in a quicker kill. When it happens once it’s called a double shot. It kind of sounds like a sputtering BR. You used to be able to do it in H2.

Ok, I’ll see if I can get it in my FS. I think it should still be there. Give me about 20 min.

ah like in Halo 2…

no, then maybe is a new glitch lol

who knows… Halo 4 is full of weird stuff

Myself and friends I play with have seen this on more than one occassion although we always pit it down to lag… sometimes though its suspect as full shields, no damage boost, 1 v 1 situation - hmmmmmm

Ok, it’s in my FS. Check the description since I’m not allowed to call players out on here, and yeah I got wrecked in this game, doesn’t happen very often. There’s allot of vids in there of me doing the wreckin, but in this one I got wrecked so bad that I had to go back and watch it, so hear it is.

Nope, it’s just that the BR shoots that freaking fast.

I was just playing and I got hit with a double shot of a sniper rifle. I thought I was seeing things or maybe it was another enemy with one by the guy that killed me, but in the killcam replay it showed a double fire. I’d blame lag, but it was running smooth as ever.

The kill cam doesn’t work right. If you want to know what happened watch it in theater and go to the players POV. So has anyone gone to my FS and watched this?

I’ve never noticed anything like this. The only time it feels like there’s a discrepancy in a 1v1, it’s almost always because one of their teammates got a shot in and you didn’t notice.

I recently played a custom game with someone I met in MM. They had a bunch of hacks ‘n’ stuff like this. You could shoot the Sniper/Rockets/BR anything as fast as you could pull the trigger. Pulling the trigger once on the Needler would empty the whole clip instantly, and the game would lag horrendously if you did it too much.

He’s never used it online, at least not while playing with me, but I assume it’s something that could be done, pretty easily by the looks of it.