Double Req Point weekend

They really need to do a double req point weekend or something XP is useless its all about dem req points



sorry, I accidentally said “Agree” twice.

I see your point. The rank in this game is nothing but an indication on how long you have played the game. You don’t get anything for the xp you earn, except for a pack when you rank up. Also with the phase they are adding new reqs people might need a double req weekend to catch up.


I doubt it, but I really want that. So many other games do this.

I could definitely go for a double REQ weekend! Bringing back those types of things from Halo 3 would have helped a ton with player retention.

If you see this, it will be too late for the game, because it will be from desperation to keep the population from diminishing further. I see why you would want RP, it is not important to me, game modes and a refresh of warzone is what will keep me from leaving.

I agree, especially with all the new reqs added monthly. I wish they would stop with all the emblems already.

I agree with this. As far as I’m aware double xp would be useless, nobody ever sees your rank unless they search you up on here anyway. Even if they capped how many reqs you could get 'doubled per day of the weekend (as long as it’s sensible) I’d be fine with that.