double grenade explosion mystery?

i have a question i was hoping one of you could answer. in my file share is a clip called double explosion and pt 2. they are different angles of an odd event.

i was playing anny slayer and i hit a guy with a plasma nade. when it touched him it looks like it blew up instantly…then kept going through him and landed behind him and exploded again…? i looked at this thoroughly and am perplexed how this happened. the nade hits his hip and as soon as it touches him it explodes then keeps going and blows up again im quite sure of it. i thought he shot the grenade out of the air when i was playing but looking back its a mystery…

what happened? has anyone else seen this before?

From what I can tell its the same thing as a double-frag basically -.-LAG! :smiley:

But yeah thats all it prob is!

that was some cool lag then lol

> that was some cool lag then lol

Indeed, at one point back when Reach was still the new thing I had a game where I threw a plasma and it was a nonstop explosion through out the rest of the game (only on my screen though and it did not harm anyone) but it had the noises and the flash effect.

It really stinks that, that must have been one of those many games where something cool went down and I forgot to save it :/.