double commendation weekend

Ok I see the point of not having a double credit weekend and replacing it with the jackpot weekend or whatever, but I think 343 should start a double commendation weekend where 1 kill/assist/whatever towards any commendation counts for 2 in all matchmaking formats. I’m just saying, some of these commendations are simply ridiculous. Heck, I don’t even know if there’s a point to maxing out your commendations and by maxing out I don’t mean 100% commendation completion, I mean maxed out! onyx max doesn’t count towards commendation completion percentage incase anybody didn’t know.

That kinda defeats the purpose of commendations: to give other players an accurate account of your play style.

I don’t think I’m going to bother with them to be honest. I believe I have around 60% completed. I agree they are difficult to get but I don’t think this idea would really work out, it’s a good idea and all but like the person above me said it does kind of defeat the purpose, as soon as you get 100% armor and commendations then there really isn’t that much to fight for.

Well…in my opinion there isn’t. People who have boosted or legitimately got their Inheritors have pretty much ruined the game for themselves, there is literally nothing else to do on the game, I mean you can carry on playing but for how long?

So I disagree but think it is a good idea :stuck_out_tongue:

<3 Dave

but what is the initial purpose of maxing out your commendations? I mean your commendation percentage goes to %100 once you hit Onyx… so what exactly is the point of getting them all to Onyx mac especially since it will take you just as long or more that it took you just to get to onyx to get all of em to onyx max and for what? What exactly is the pay-off???

One word… NO!!!

Plus the fact that commendations are there to earn completely normally, i wouldnt like it if suddenly all these people would have commendations that you think they would never get

Maybe if you got double the credits for getting the commendation???