Double checkpoint reversions?

How exactly does the double checkpoint reversion system work? I got an awful checkpoint in Long Night of Solace on Reach Legendary, and I’ve been trying to get back to an earlier checkpoint, but I keep dying over and over and over and still stuck on the same checkpoint. Also tried resetting to last checkpoint over and over but again nada. Do I have to die within a certain timeframe?

I believe you have to die within a couple of seconds of respawning, and it has to be five times in a row.

-Yoink!-, takes too long to get within seraph range then. I’ll just have to start the mission over then

Can you kamikaze into something next to you such as a friendly Sabre, some debris, or Anchor 9 itself quickly?

I was on the next part, destroying the corvette’s engines. Maybe I could have seen if there was a soft kill barrier but it’s too late now, went onto a different mission. Thanks for the advice anyway

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