Dose any one crash

Hi I’m playing on a 980, and wen I respawn I sometimes crash it happens on live fire.
Dose any one else crash.

No issues here, then again I’m on a 3080 Ti.

I have crashes occasionally on my 2070. It feels EITHER like a memory leak thing or a network error thing. (I get laggy then EVERYTHING on my computer slows down, then hard crashes.)

Once every… 10 games or so.

I’ve crashed quite a bit on PC and my specs are pretty decent, 1060 TI , 32GB RAM, Intel I9 proccesor, so I run most of my games on high or very high (sometimes ultra deoending on the game) so I ended up just playing Halo Infinite on my Xbox Series S for the time being.

Not a single issue yet during the game and no performance issues, I’m using the steam platform and running a 3080 series, CPU I7-7700k, 32 Ram.

How is your fps and what are your in game settings? I have decent specs as well and I’ve messed around with settings and it still doesnt feel as smooth as it should.

Not to mention the fact that I crashed with no error message multiple times yesterday.

most of my settings are either ultra or high. my FPS are 60 and have never dipped below 50, my overall experience has been very smooth and no issues, I have pushed my system to 120 FPS however it can dip and I can tell with dips dropping to 80 when doing big team battle.

I had a few CTD playing yesterday. gtx 970. I usually have a smooth 60 fps where it might dip to 59. I would just abruptly CTD. The one noteable time I CTD was when I watched a chopper be exploded by a cinder shot.

I’ve been noticing quite a bit of crashing on Big Team Battle when respawning after being killed today.
I’m running a GTX 1060 MSI 6GB with 16GB of Ram.

The game is also pretty framey and jumps from time to time.

i’ve crashed out of more matches than i’ve completed so far. It’s unplayable. 3060 here.