do's and don'ts of halo 4

I know some people are going to be rocket scientists and do some illogical things. So I posted this thread and tell you what you should and should not do on Halo 4. Please note that this is directed towards the community and not 343.

-Post every legitimate and trustworthy information about Halo 4.
-Find information on the events regarding Halo 4.
-Ask 343 Industries questions about new features and new items in the game.
-Post theories and suggestions that you believe everyone will agree with.
-Post spoilers and unleaked information.

-Post rumors or leaked information unless the matter is announced by a 343 or Microsoft employee.
-Post gameplay footage of Halo 4 before the official posting of the actual gameplay footage.
-Post unofficial information regarding Halo 4.
-Guess or dictate what 343 is currently doing
-Flame anyone else’s theories or suggestions for any reason.

This is based on how the Halo Community acts when a new Halo game is announced.

I’ll probably add more later.