DOOM Armor Color Coating/Scheme

A Doom Guy armor color coating scheme. just like doom guys in eternal. If you’ve never seen the DOOM series, but im pretty sure mostly everyone has. I’m talking about the Eternal Praetor suit.
Name: Zombie Destroyer Coating - Color Scheme
Description: You feel like you want to Snatch & Cut, until it is done. The colors on it have an earthy brown for lower legs, light green upper-thighs, and a yellow part where his abdomen would be. His top left shoulder is colored orange, and his right shoulder is colored a light green. His upper chest, is colored green, and his gauntlets are earthy brown. (End of description.)
((Still working on the name, but i feel like since Infinite already has some collab armors in it, even though they dont acknowledge it, they do have collab armors, probably on purpose some not. What im saying is, it wont hurt to just give us some fan service that we deserve.
((Way to obtain? 150 kills in 5 matches on PLAYERS)) Still open to ideas on this.