Don't you love...

Being thrown into an ongoing match that you have absolutely no hope of being able to win?

If its a total runaway then I usually just back out instantly. Really makes me wish for a toggle on/off JIP option.

For that I avoid all JiP games before it throws me in…

Oh this drives me mental, there is almost nothing more annoying in this game than joining a match that you have no hope of winning.

Yeah jip sucks a lot

Getting thrown into a game that is a hopeless cause is irritating. JIP needs to be nerfed fixed.

> Being thrown into an ongoing match that you have absolutely no hope of being able to win?

That’s why i quit and i’m playing… well, nothing.

lol this is one of the few gripes I have about this game. Nothing worse then being thrown into a losing game.

I used to join all amped to make a come back but I just back out now, no point…theres a reason they were losing so badly.

i hate it alot, i like to start a match from the start, not joining on the loosing team, i just leave again, waste of time
a toggle JIP option is amazing idea

Im fine with joining up to closely scored, bout the middle of the game matches. What I really dont like is joining a 200-12 oddball match…

Yeah, that’s always great fun!

I’ve turned it round couple of times. Pain though, yes

some are bad and some are good,ive entered games where people have quit when they are winning or totally losing and we win. i dont base a game on how i enter it but the players in it, if players are decent, than ill stay the next round and never worry about JiP matches, if anything its not the JiP that bothers me its the people who back out, many times have i had teammates quit when its a stalemate or we are losing by a small amount. its the people who back out that cause the major

  1. host switching
  2. team balancing
  3. giving other teams an advantage with more players
  4. no backup

I have no problem with backing out, just do it at the end of a match

I do! It’s so much better than waiting in lobbies for 10 minutes and getting zero xp.

I joined later today a match where the announcer instantly said “Last kill wins”(or whatever he says).

I got a little annoyed with the game there.

If I could pick just one thing to take out of Halo 4… It would be this.

I actually wished for JIP when I played Reach and waited forever to find a match… that was a major mistake.