Don't worry, the Prometheans are coming! (sigh)

Users online have confirmed, or at least provided strong evidence that through the Infinite footage released by 343 that the Prometheans are indeed in Halo Infinite.

When Escharum (a very weird name to type and speak btw) spoke of the “Harbinger and the Banished working together”, users quickly found that in Halo 5 Warzone when you kill Prometheans it says “You killed a Harbinger.”

So yes, backstreets back alright! We can’t have a 343 Halo game without them putting “their stamp” on the franchise, to the detriment of features/enemies fans actually want. We haven’t took down a scarab since Halo 3… yikes. But we have battled waves of robots! (Yes I know they are not robots, but they certainly come off like such to players)

I guess this may also shed light on whether or not The Flood is in Halo Infinite. With the cartoony/Mega Bloks aesthetic of the game so far I think they would have a hard time fitting in. Now that we know UNSC, Banished and Prometheans are in the game, having a 4th faction may complicate things and dilute the storytelling elements of the core campaign.

The interesting thing is now that we know Infinite is meant to be “platform for the next 10 years of Halo”, and that no sequel is planned, I imagine we could eventually see The Flood in Infinite drip fed to us through DLC, rather than being in the “next Halo game.”

Cool. Can’t wait.

Since Halo Infinite is Open-World and according to rumors Infinite is going to be the last ¨main fps¨ Halo game and its going to get updates and add-ons for 10 years, maybe we can play and explore other places in the Halo universe? Of course we can see we’re going to a new Halo ring, but maybe we get to help/fight in other planets for UNSC or for helping others? Don’t make sense why the Prometheans would be on a Halo ring, don’t have anything against them or their weapons tho (except those damn watchers)

Ugh. Worst enemy type in any FPS ever. Wish they would’ve just scrapped them. I would’ve taken “they just disappeared one day” literally as the narrative explanation at this point. The prometheans suck

I would be pretty upset to see them completely gone from a lore perspective. They just need to be re-worked to be more fun to fight. My money is still on the Didact being the Harbinger though. I can’t see him or the Banished being happy with Cortana’s rule.

Well I mean… you expect them to just disappear like 4 & 5 never happened? I hated the prometheans but I would hate it even more if they just simply vanished. They need to be in this game. Just not as much though lol.

I didnt read this whole thing but I may be the only one but knights were fun to fight in halo 5, only halo 5 though and only knights, so I’ll be up for it.