Don't understand the ending! [Major Spoilers]

Seriously guys, the ending was suuuuuper confusing to me. I know what was happening, and what the composer did, but basically I don’t get all the Cortana stuff.

How come her fragmented rampant parts can withhold a physical being such as the Didact?
What’s going on when her and the chief are talking after he detonates the nuke? Are they inside Chief’s head? How come she can’t go back with him? Where is she exactly now? Confused confused

She took down the Didact by manipulating the hardlight bridge from inside the system. I presume she did the same to protect Chief from the nuke. When they were talking? No idea :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah that makes sense… I think in future halos they’ll turn Cortana into an organic being, that’s where I see the story going.

When she and John were speaking, I imagine Cortana was using a fragment of the hardlight bridge to manifest. The bridge was FUBAR at that point, but there was just enough there to give one last goodbye.