don't touch that/all alone achievement help

Guys! Once again, i’m asking for players that need (or that just want to help) to get the Don’t Touch That and All Alone Achievements for Halo: Reach.

For the Don’t Touch That: The trick is to get a full lobby and play Squad DLC (Noble and Defiant Map required) until we find a 1 Flag CTF game on a Defiant Map (Condemned or Highlands). Remember: If any team takes the other team’s flag, there a high chance that the achievement won’t pop for anyone. So please, be patient.

The second achievement, All Alone, must be done in Condemned, or his other Variant. All players must have the Defiant maps for the option to appear for voting. This should take longer, since we can only help 3 people per game (3 rounds), but with some cooperation, there’s nothing to worry about.

My GT is John Shortcut. Send me a message or post here if you’re interested. I’ll be updating this post with the Gamertags.

Dude you are soo clutch! :slight_smile:

I’m interested. GT the same as my username.

I’m up to it. I will send you a message via Xbox LIVE.

I’m down. I’m convinced boosting is the only way to get these

Add me in. Will be on Saturday and Sunday.

GT: I Gots Money

GT: Valholy
Im on everyday at 5pm

When are you planning on trying for it? I’m interested, and I’ve got a friend that could join as well. We’re usually on over the weekends.


Me too!


can u add me
GT: AbioticEel13

i just need all alone
as for the rest im willing to help as long as i get all alone during that time

ive tried doing this legit but by being solo player and dependant on other players to have all required dlc it just near impossible

im usually online in the weekend
timezone: NZL GMT+12
send me a friend request with a msg so i knw its 4 this thx