Dont Touch That! Achievement

I just did this achievement on Highlands and it did not pop. What gives? Anyways I need this achievement and the newish infected ones. If any1 wants to boost for them just hit me up on Xbox Live. If you help me, ill help with other achievements. Gamertag: Commander Will

Was there a black screen or anything? It is the single most glitchy achievement. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to try to get it again. :confused:

There were no black screens or anything. This achievement is soooooo frustrating! When I get into 1 Flag on a Defiant map(which rarely happens) everyones soul purpose in that game mode is to make sure the opposite team does not get the achievement. It doesnt matter if they score the flag or die, every1 just wants the touch. Thanks for the info tho

I’ve been trying to get those two achievements for almost a month now, it’s ridiculous. I feel for you bro.