Don't Touch That! Achievement Team wanted

I’m tired of FINALLY getting a 1 Flag CTF on Highlands or Condemmed only to have my team members quit out before or during the game or have them just not play all together. I need a team of 6 (counting myself) to go into Squad DLC and play a game of 1 Flag CTF on one of the two previosly stated maps, where the opposing team is stopped from TOUCHING the flag while they attack/we defend. Do not bother if you don’t feel confident enough in yourself as a player. Me and a friend can hold out against 4 people rushing, but not a whole team of 6. If you HONESTLY feel that you can do the same or better, comment or message me. If you DON’T feel that you could even do that good, don’t bother. I need truly skilled players, not because of my own lack of skill, but b/c of the level of people i play against are rather high in skill. Be warned, i will check you out before accepting you on the team, and you will be judged appropriately. This isn’t an achievement boosting team, this is an achievement hunting team, an achievement that will be rightfully EARNED! I don’t tolerate cheaters.

you get 12 people and we could just boost

I’m up



> you get 12 people and we could just boost

Like i said before, i don’t boost and i don’t tolerate cheaters. ALL of my achievements are legit and i intend on keeping it that way.

> I’m up
> GT
> kkfosta

Sorry, but your stats and previous game records tell me that you wouldn’t be much help outside of Griffball or an entire party of your friends. I don’t intend on being mean, but i said i’d do a background check before you’d be accepted.

I guess I could help out.

GT: BetaX32

sorry, got a random game where 4 of their teammates quit off during their first defensive round and we slaughtered them, but if you need help with getting it, feel free to still post. I know i wasn’t the only that needed this achievement.