Don't Restrict Customs

Please do not restrict any weapons or vehicles for customs and forge. It was a little dissapointing I could not use the airstrike gun (sorry I do not remember the name) for Customs. Even though it is an OP gun it is just Customs which will not affect Matchmaking. Especially with these pretty amazing weapons and vehicles we will be getting, and the fact that the Halo 4 aresenal will be much more expansive, it will be nice to get full access to everything. (Even the vehicle Frankie teased that would dwarf the mech in Warhouse!)

It was called the Target Locator. And yeah, I agree that custom games should have access to all of the crazy, overpowered superweapons, because that could get really chaotic and fun to just mess around with. And I’m also extremely excited about this vehicle Frankie referenced. :slight_smile:

pretty sure the “vehicle that will dwarf this weapon” is the Cyclops from Halo wars