Dont remove things

Now before I get a hate train I would like to say this is not for MM
So why remove game options weapons game types and etc from customs and forge its just like a Not Today in the face for people who want to be creative , sure if its op or is just not right take it out of MM but they should keep things rather than trashing them , no armor abilities? when people say this its like agh because it takes away so many posibilities.

Options are fine for custom games, tho lots of things don’t belong in MM.

For <mark>Matchmaking</mark>Personal ordnance is the scourge of Halo 4, it’s the main thing that needs to meet a swift end, along with removing the Plasma Pistol, Plasma Grenades, Active Camo, and jet pack from being in load outs. Buff Active Camo, place it back on the map as a power up, slightly buff Jet pack and make it an AA map pick up, and add a deployable Grav Lift into the AA list, it would be another team based AA like the Regen Field.