Don't remove the tank gun! 343 needs to reconsider

Because it’s an unintentional bug as a side effect of bad coding that detracts from the game’s intended difficulty and challenges at escalated levels.

It may be fun, but it’s an exploit.


I agree please do not remove it in fact not only should they not remove it they should make it so you can access it at any given time just encase you drop it and lose it you should be able go and pick up another one

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Except it’s entirely different lol

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wtf lmao that is 100% different

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I’ve not played campaign yet, but this sounds like fun and I’ll miss out on it now. Not sure why they couldn’t just treat it like a skull modifier and disable score/achievements/medals.


As someone who has never used the tank gun, doesn’t really plan on using the tank gun, assumed the tank gun was a bug when it was first found, and think the tank gun kinda cheeses LASO runs a little…

I firmly believe 343 should keep the tank gun in the game.


I agree it should stay in the game in fact I have made posts before saying that I think they need to give the gun some sort of a form or model because you can’t throw grenades when using it or grab ledges so it having a model would be helpful

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There’s a simple way to fix that simply put a tank skull in the game all human weapons would fire Tank rounds and all covenant weapons would fire Wraith rounds I don’t mean the Wraith rounds that are in Halo Infinite now I’m talking about the ones from the other Halo games the ones that actually did some damage

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Wraith rounds here are devastating! They just look smaller.

Oh and if people want LASO be more challenging there’s also a simple way to fix that don’t pick up the gun you don’t have to be too smart to figure that one out

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Yeah I guess you’re right I like the way they looked in the other Halo games they should bring the bigger looking ones back

Hey friends, we added a fun easter-egg gun you can get that is a plasma rifle that can shoot SCARAB BEAMS!
Go have fun with it if you can manage to find it.


Is… is that an invisible gun that you can get ONLY if you knew where to prompt it from? AND IT SHOOTS SCORPION ROUNDS?
You aren’t supposed to be having FUN with something that was an easter egg from one developer guy on the team that didn’t go through a proper approval process and was finalized by our alpha team.
Why can’t you enjoy our cave burger instead?


Creating your own fanon to describe a bug doesn’t make it fact

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A bug…
How is it a bug?
Someone put it there on purpose. That isn’t a bug. That is an intended easter egg.


I never picked this gun up, but I still want it to stay. No one is ever going to find it unless they look it up on the internet. Some bosses on legendary are a chore to slog through, so I cannot blame anyone for using the tank gun. Can’t imagine doing them on LASO.

I hope it will never happen. It would be funny, they literally have 2 playlists dedicated to speedrunning over the MCC, which contains the levels you can breeze through very fast, like Uprising, Floodgate and Shutdown.

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It’s a bug/glitch/unintended consequence of a miscoding:

Surely you have a source stating it was intentional?



The source is common logic.

How the heck does a scorpion gun spawn on only one gun turret instead of all gun turrets of the Frigate? I have to assume that since the turret is there, it is a leftover from when the frigate was likely being used in a cinematic where we see the turret shoot rounds at spacecraft.

It if were a true coding bug, wouldn’t ALL the turrets that are IDENTICAL COPIES OF THE SAME BASE FILE share the same glitch?
Why is one specific turret different and allowing players to stand on-top of it to acquire the gun turret?

And how was such a thing found SO FAST despite the game being out for nearly only a month or so at the point of its discovery?

SURELY some dev had to have made an adjustment manually so a secret gun was available for pickup in the early game just so players could have some series consequence free fun in the game.

I am pretty sure the only reason that they are calling it a “bug” is because it is something that was put in place without approval so 343 seeks to remove it since it wasn’t “intended design”. So by their POV it is a bug because “technically we didn’t intend for it to be there. But one dev put it in without permission and so we will consider it a bug since it wasn’t technically supposed to be a feature.”

It is literally 343 Industries doing what 343 Industries does best, which is literally doing the opposite of what the fans have been asking for.

Fans enjoy this fun gimmick that didn’t go through an approval process and allows for players to enjoy a care-free playthrough on occasion?
They are protesting the removal of this entirely optional secret pickup?

343 Industries everybody.
“We don’t make videogames. Games are fun. We make video experiences.”

Basically if 343 Designers were asked to play Dungeons & Dragons as a DM, they would likely be THE MOST RAILROADING DMs out there, who whine and nag and change rules so as to make sure every cool new weapon or armor you get is practically useless outside of a select situation encounter.
“What do you mean you are having FUN in this PvE encounter? No, you are supposed to be having a challenge at all times!”


lol, the tank gun was the ONLY reason i played through the campaign aka grapplehook simulator … will never touch this game again so do whatcha want 343

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Common logic isn’t on your side, you’re going to have to post something substantial to support that narrative you’re trying to peddle.

That’s a good assumption to make, but it backs up the idea that it was a glitch and not intended to be used by the player, as it would be a cinematic piece.

Like the AA turrets and Pelican nose gun in Reach or the monitor on Cold Storage which are coded as AI vehicles.

Dunno dude, code can be wonky from my limited experience with it.

Similar to how only one small area among several copy paste parts in BL1 allows you to phase through the geometry and access the entirety of the armory in the final DLC without triggering the countdown timer. It’s just happenstance.

Players being players. Simple human curiosity, just like how every single glitch/bug/exploit/cheat is found ever. Look at how quickly raid secrets are uncovered within the day/week/month of release in Destiny, players are going to uncover things just by playing the game.

It’s possible, but short of a verifiable or even an anonymous post on some obscure message board suggesting it was intentionally included, it’s an assumption *at best * especially when the official statement is that it’s a glitch.

That’s certainly a possibility, but again short of a narrative popping up in some obscure part of the internet contradicting the official statement, it’s an assumption at best.

It doesn’t matter man, as an exploit in the game that derails the intended challenge of the title, it functions as an exploit.

And hell, that’s just not true. They took the H2 glitches out of H2 in the MCC, then added them back in intentionally when fans begged for them.

I agree that it should remain in some capacity be it a skull modifier or as an official feature that disables certain unlocks or awards, but in it’s current state it’s unbalanced and unfair and UNINTENTIONAL.


Derails the intended challenge of the title? That is quite bogus as you can literally modify the difficulty to your liking in the game. Do I want a challenge or do I just want to play the game and chill? Legendary or Easy?

The Tank Gun would just add more fun to the game.

…you do know that 343 did hardly anything in MCC right? Saber Interactive was in charge of Campaign functionality for Halo 2 Anniversary and Certain Affinity slightly tweaked the Halo 4 edition of the Blam Engine for use of making the H2A Multiplayer.

All 343 did was bundle the games together in a poor manner and shove it out as fast as possible so that the Xbox One could have a Halo launch title within the first year of the console’s lifetime. And then nearly five years later DID 343 Industries finally put some resources to actually provide fixes to the game itself so that the multiplayer could actually work.