Don't remove the tank gun! 343 needs to reconsider

Why remove something that has no negative affect on the player base. I see a very small percentage of the already small vocal minority complaining about the thing. Something that is optional, you have to go out of your way to get, and adds replay value to the campaign.

It makes no sense to remove a glitch from PvE that doesn’t break the game. Please, if anyone at 343 sees this, reconsider this mistake. The tank gun was a happy accident, don’t remove it!


Where did they say they were removing it?


The community manager tweeted a heads up about it


Hmmm… I see it now…

343… Taking the fun out of Halo since 2012.


This is the Tweet:

Heads up for speedrunners and achievement hunters - the tank gun glitch in campaign will be fixed in Season 2. Feel free to do what you like with this piece of information ![:see_no_evil:]”


So, what’s the tank gun glitch? And how do you do it? What achievement (s) do you get with it?


And more importantly… how OP is it.

If you do glitch to get it… what type of damage are we talking about?

Long sprees of wanton damage are unacceptable. No matter how fun (or funny) you think it is.


When you get to the base mission where you first step outside onto the ring you can pick up a literal scorpion gun. It’s invisible and your HUD disappears, and the shot comes from lower down but you can walk around blasting everything with it. Bosses on Legendary are two hits. You have to get up on top of one of the ships, walk up one of the guns and it will prompt you to pick it up.

Oh, yeah, and it doesn’t damage you.

You can swap between it and your secondary weapon but once you put it down, it’s gone.

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I honestly thought it was an easter egg and not a glitch - it is pretty early and easy to get mind you - but I thought it was like the scarab gun.

If you look it up, you’ll notice people were posting about it the day the campaign came out.

You can use it for any achievement - LASO for example.


It was a blast(no pun intended) to run around the game with this and the low gravity skull. Why take that away? who was it hurting?


Agreed, I thought it was just a fun thing that got left in. Now 343i wants to remove fun from campaign.

If stuff like this isn’t allowed then they should fix every single little glitch that exists across all the Halo games so everyone has to play it the intended way. No more driving a warthog inside silent cartographer to skip half the level. No more walking around/outside of any mission in Halo 2 to do massive level skips. No more hammer jumping to skip the barracks on crow’s nest. No more using forklifts to skip the enemy load on nightfall. No more flying straight to the final tower on shutdown and using the pelican to get inside. No more getting the mantis inside the final firefight room on guardians.

I already can’t do the usual thing I do which is getting vehicles into places they don’t belong in campaign missions because each mission basically requires you to get inside a small forunner room with a button to start the mission and it despawns anything that’s not currently on you. You have no idea how sad I was when nothing I tried worked. One of my favorite moments of this is getting the first warthog you can get on the ark to the very end of the mission and see it sitting there in the cutscene. But sadly nothing like that is possible in infinite. My fun is not allowed.

You must have 343i standardized and regulated fun! You will have fun! You will not deviate from the predetermined path! Now go have mandated fun!


I would argue that it cheezed all the achievements. IE it was the easiest LASO game to beat ever thanks to the tank gun.

But the damage is already done. They took too long to patch and now a chunk of people already have the achievements by cheating anyway. May as well just leave it at this point.


Although maybe the tank gun impedes on their ideas for DLC expansions as well.

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That’s very stupid. It’s completely optional to use the scarab gun. I actually thought it was an easter egg, not a glitch. The gun doesn’t break the game and the campaign is currently single player. Whoever makes these decisions must not have any experiences in having fun as a child. A small minority of people supports this fix while the majority do not. What is wrong with them? That’s actually a bad move. It will make so many people angry. No wonder why not many people play Infinite anymore, because 343 is making the game less fun and boring.


They want LASO to mean something.

I support that.


Removing glitches if people enjoy them is no different then cutting content to sell it back to you later!


Okay, 343, we’re going to need to have a talk. I want you to listen to me and the Halo community when we say this.


Do NOT Remove the Tank Gun. Are you listening? The reason why I’m almost literally spelling this out is because people LIKE this glitch. It gives players more options to approach the campaign however they want to whether it’s easier or more difficult. This would be removing content, which frankly would be a poor decision on your part. What we want is MORE content, not LESS.

MintBlitz has a video dedicated to this unnecessary fix and he’ll be submitting it as evidence with sufficient feedback that should get the message across. If somehow you still don’t know how to deal with this issue (which shouldn’t be an issue since none of us asked for it), change the way it’s acquired in the game, but do NOT get rid of it.

Make it like a spiritual successor to the Scarab gun. Make it so that people have to go out of their way to get the gun, make it interesting. For God sakes, you all at 343 have better things to be focusing on, for example, fixing the textures on Jorge’s grenadier shoulder piece in his armor kit.

Note: Also remember, when you do things we don’t like, this makes us want to NOT give you money. And you want money, right?

Note: There’s a Halo Waypoint forum I came across recently. The guy that made the post provided a simple yet elegant solution. In short, add in a new achievement or unlockable of high value (like a complete armor set) for people who complete Halo: Infinite LASO without the Tank Gun. That way, there can be some distinction between people who have either completed LASO with the tank gun, without the tank gun, or neither. Here’s the link for anyone interested. It has a pretty clever name if I do say so myself.


You know, 343, if keeping this glitch is getting in the way of a larger fix, then you need to tell us. This is part of your issue with transparency that we’ve been talking about. I think it would be better if you let us know why you’re doing this than not. Not saying anything is just going to make this worse for everyone involved and shrink your player base further than it already has.


Meanwhile Co-Op is still nowhere in sight.


I’d say turn it into a Skull.