So once the WZFF update came out a new glitch was found where you came make weapons shoot REQ weapon ammo through a very easy and short process that involves the UNSC weapon pad and this glitch is EXTREMELY fun and I’ve done this almost over a hundred or two times during the time of the WZFF update. I’d strongly recommend that 343i should NOT remove this glitch at all if they would I’d beg them to make them a weapon mixer so if you don’t want them to remove this glitch let’s try to get this as much attention as possible.

  • Spartan Proximity ModZ

They aren’t

You can kinda make a Scarab gun.

They already said they weren’t.

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> They aren’t

How do you know? If you could link me to the source of where you heard it

If any of you could link me to official tweets or some time of conformation on this please that would be extremely helpful


how do you do the glitch?

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> how do you do the glitch?

Custom Weapons! - Halo 5 Forge Tutorial - YouTube there is a YouTube tutorial by: Forge Labs

Hey guys I’m trying to make all possible combinations and have them in one spot for easy access check it out here! (Pardon my spoiler link, I can’t embed until I make 100 posts).