Don't Remove ANYTHING! Just bring it all together.

The one thing that irritates me about Halo is that with the recent games they release new weapons, but remove older ones.

I am wanting for Halo 4’s multiplayer to have EVERY weapon that have been in the HALO games.

this includes,
-2 different magnum models (1 duel weildable)
-Silenced SMG
-SMG’s (duel weildable)
-Grenade launcher
-Needle Rifle
-Covenant Carbine
-Spiker (duel weildable)
-Plasma Repeater
-Plasma Pistol
-Plasma Rifle
-Plasma Launcher
-4 grenade types, with tweaks
-Brute Shot
-Concusstion Rifle
-Energy Sword

cough unbalanced cough

> cough unbalanced cough

cough Then Balance them cough

Plus not all of the weapons have to be on one map, we could have a BR on one version of the map then the DMR on another

cough cant be balanced cough

besides your list left out the odst pistol and the mauler

it wont fit on the disk

> cough unbalanced cough


I agree that some weapons have been removed, replaced, or changed for unclear reasons, but having too many weapons for each niche makes most of them redundant. Even with the pared down weapon sandbox in reach, there are already weapons that almost no one ever uses, just because there is another weapon that does the same thing better.

What would be the point of having both the brute shot and the concussion rifle, for example?

Have you ever heard of the term redundancy? Most of these weapons are rendered useless when compared to it’s close neighbor.