Don't Play Alone!

No, this isn’t your mother telling you not to play in that park down the street by yourself!
We are here to find members who want to experience Reach like it was meant to be played, with a team!

The Reckoning is more than a simple clan, we are a community, we stand by our members and are here to support our gamers, through thick or thin.

Like most clans, The Reckoning supports, in house tournaments, practice events, skill training events, as well as outside tournaments, (we just recently participated in the FLAG tournament to support Breast Cancer Awareness). Like I said we are a community and we like to get involved!

The Reckoning is in a constant state of growth and as such we are seeking dedicated, driven, knowledgeable individuals to join our staff. We are always accepting applicants who want to take a step away from the mundane and join a community that cares! Skill and rank are of no concern to The Reckoning! A few stipulations though for those looking to join our ranks

  • We are a military structured organization, respect is key!
  • You must be at least 16 years of age to apply
  • You must have a working microphone
  • Don’t be a d-bag! We are more than a bunch of random gamers, we are family!
  • Be able to access our site on a regular basis
  • Be able to attend 2 mandatory practices per week

We are always looking for Team Leaders and Members to help us dominate the battlefield so, if you are done playing with a bunch of randoms and want to join a structured community that is devoted to Halo and Gamers, hit up our website

We are a force to be Reckoned with! Join Now or Regret it Later!

TR The Cynic
The Reckoning