Don't Play Alone! Join Today!

Not many clans these days are breaking new ground when it comes to what they can offer their members. And the Brothers At War aren’t claiming we are going to end that trend today. But, we come with the fundamental message of tactical first person shooters and specifically Reach…Don’t play alone!

Reach is meant to be a game execute with precision by a team, so why bother playing with a bunch of randoms, who are only out for themselves?

Brothers At War is a multi-gaming community supporting such games as, Call of Duty (Black Ops and Modern Warfare 3), and we are looking to make a permanent mark on Halo. We aren’t a numbers clan, meaning we aren’t simply going to take everyone who applies to join, we are looking for quality over quantity, and no that does not mean you have to be super skilled to join BAW. In fact, all skill and rank levels are welcomed to apply!

Things we look for in new Recruits:

+Able to act well under “pressure”
+Able and willing to follow orders

The Brothers At War are looking for dedicated Halo players to jump start our Division, we support casual and competitive gamers in game types, from Team Slayer to Campaign/Achievement runs we support the virtual war fighter!

BAW is a military structured organization in place to support day to day operations. We do have mandatory practices, which all members are required to attend.

If you can meet these simple requirements you can apply to join BAW:

+Be at least 16 years of age
+Have a working microphone
+Be able to access our website on a regular basis
+Be able to attend mandatory practices (up to 2 times per week)
+Be Mature and be able and willing to follow instructions
+Be able to learn and communicate call outs effectively

If you are interested or would like more information on the Brothers At War, follow the links posted below:

Home Page -

Rules and Regulations -
Ranks and Positions -
Teams -
HALO Division Application Form -

*A special note, due to the current push to build up our Halo Division, we are actively seeking personnel to fill leadership roles within the organization. Again, if you are interested check out the links posted above!

**If you are a team or squad leader considering merging your unit with another clan, we have a place for you! Because of our unique structure you can bring your team or squad (up to 15 members) and assimilate them into our community, while still maintaining command of your group. For more information, visit the links above!