Dont lock gamemodes behind events and fracture event unlocks

Listen the -Yoink!- up 343, fiesta is probably one of my favorite gamemodes that i played alot on Halo 5 since it had such a good variety of weapons. Now i think that Infinite is definitely lacking in weapon variety at the moment, but i still enjoy fiesta, however, i dont want to wait for -Yoink!- events to play my favorite gamemode. I dont want to have to wait for events that barely give any -Yoink!- like the current event that only gives 6 armor pieces, 3 WEAPON coatings, and 3 eblems ( which are the same and apply to weapon, armor, and vehicle) 1 name plate, and 1 backdrop. That leaves 16 slots in the battlepass filled with XP boosts and challenge swaps, and will more than likely leave the armor thats been in the trailers to the -Yoink!- shop. Like really? Showcase that armor in the trailers only for it to be in the -Yoink!- shop? Holy hell.


How about the fact that they’re playlist limiting Fiesta mode into limited events, that’s worse than the weekly gametypes in MCC switching before you get a chance to play Grifball with friends. While in MCC Fiesta lives in the action sack playlist. SMDHASMBOTW.

Man, I can’t stand Fiesta. If you like it that’s good on you. However, the fact you have to play it for the event is insane.

Halo Infinite will be a dead game by Dec 8th if 343 keeps this up. I don’t know who the multi-player lead is, but their continued employment should be under serious review unless an overhaul is done.

I’m incredibly disappointed in the lack of respect for the customers so far.


Fiesta is like when you’re mid-campaign level, your starting weapons are long gone and you’re scrounging and killing left and right to get any good gun you can to survive and finish the level. But far more engaging playing against actually human beings.

I’m thinking that too. I pretty much fully rage-resigned from the game yesterday and from what I hear in party chat with all my teammates. They’re not liking it all that much either.