dont let halo 4 be like reach

well I now your probably like “why/what do you mean” well I mean in the way bungie broke cannon with reach (I wont go into detail) . Halo 4 I hope will stike to all the books (not the revised ones) in the sense that the gravemind is still alive,that is not even going to stick in cannon.but plz 343 stick to origanal cannon…PLZ!!!. Whos with me

Hopefully 343 will count the books as canon and take that into account when making Halo 4.

seeing on how halo 4 is going to be made by 343 and 343 likes to write the halo books, or support them, i have no doubt that they will follow the story by the book, yet i would not get your hope up to high. just saying

Games are Canon and not the Books

The new version of the books feature only some gramatical and logycal corrections and one or two new chapters at the end about random stuff, they’re the same mostly.

> Games are Canon and not the Books


I understand that Bungie supports the books and all that jazz but Bungie created Halo. The series is the way they make it. In my mind, the games take priority over the books no matter which was released first.

With that said, there were some differences simply because of gameplay elements.