Don't know if they can do this, but..

First up, this ain’t a complaint. Just an idea for an alternate way to implement ordinance drops into team play games, to maybe one day be used in a new playlist

This is just an idea which could mix things up a little

Instead of allowing personal ordinance drops (OD’s), have random OD’s at periodic times. Non-controllable by players.

So, for example, when the game starts, it’s everyone with their loadouts. Guns are fired, grenades thrown, and the match gets into a rhythm.

Then, after, say 3 minutes, all players receive an OD warning. This means that OD’s are on their way. They either slam down or teleport in, but at this point, players are probably now shifting their focus onto when and where the OD’s might appear.

When they do arrive, you’ll see the usual indicator, and potentially, you get a change of tactics as people begin to work their way towards the OD’s.

To add to the risk/reward scenario, the OD could also be concealed i.e. there is no indication of what is inside the OD. Once you get to one, you hold X and the OD opens, and you’ll find out what it is

Dunno if this makes any sense. Probably doesn’t. But it would be a nice way to add a little variety to future playlists.