Dont forget to fix the credit system...

Everyone here is happy for the TU, (they should be) but you all request the same to things, AL, and the DMR(bloom, vehicles, etc.). You guys are all ovelooking the Cr system, Halo always need a system similar to Cod’s because lets face it, it’s one of the best multiplayer creations of all time, seriously give Infinity Ward a hand, what they did for multiplayer leveling systems back in 2007 was industry changing. It gives you a incentive to keep playing the game, and that’s what Halo attempted to do, but it fell short.

First issue, REMOVE GAME COMPLETE BONUS! Without this all of those AFK issues will vanish forever. How does it makes sense to anyone that if you go in a corner while you make a sandwich, YOU GET REWARDED! There should just be a simple formula to an XP system, the better game you have = more XP. Its as simple as that but yet Bungie was too stupid.

Second issue, make the credits you earn make sense! Think about it, when you get a kill with the AR, you get 4 credits! not five, not ten, 4! But if I get an assist I get 6! How does this seem logical to anyone! This is just one example of illogical cr amounts, mainly it’s because of Bungie’ lazy commendation system. (attempt to copy CoD)

Final Issue, and it’s the biggest of them all… AN INCENTIVE TO TRY AND WIN!! When I play a BTB CTF game I make sure none of my buddies even touch the flag, because there is no point! And Here is an example: If you play a game of CTF and one team wins the game 5 mins into the match, they will recieve 500 cr for Game complete, 100 for winning the game, and 100 cr for commendations. (just an example dont cry) But if they were smart they would cap 2 flags really fast and then just turn the game into a big fat TS. And if they wait untill the final second to cap the last flag they would recieve more than TRIPLE the Cr!

Final issue contunued… This is without a doubt the biggest issue with Halo: Reach, there is no incentive to win. If you play a 15 min TS game and lose by 49 kills, your only going to get a few hundred less Credits than the guys who stomped on you. This is also the case is CTF games, If you are on the winning team and you are the only one that is man enough to go into the enemy base and get that flag and make a heroic flag cap all by yourself, do you know what reward you get??? NOTHING, NOTHING AT ALL.

So there it is ladies just a few issues on the long list of them that the Cr system produces. I seriously could go on and on all day, when you look at Cr, the system is just full of “What were they thinking?” type mechanics. In the end the system as a whole is lazy, exploitable, unrewarding, and very boring. Please post about the Cr system on this post, dont just flame me for my opinion, just open your eyes for a moment and dont let your inner fanboy come through.

the Credit system is fine…

> the Credit system is fine…

Are you kidding me? Have you ever played any other fps in your life?

> > the Credit system is fine…
> Are you kidding me? Have you ever played any other fps in your life?

black ops crysis2 portal:2 and [H2 H3 odst and other FPS offline]

hey don’t hate me i just got LIVE in 2011 and a new xbox

> > > the Credit system is fine…
> >
> > Are you kidding me? Have you ever played any other fps in your life?
> black ops crysis2 portal:2
> hey don’t hate me i just got LIVE in 2011 and a new xbox

Well you’ve got to admit that Black ops has a much more interesting Xp system.

I actually like this credit system better than most where the points count as exp AND the money you buy armor with.
But yeah I agree about the flag thing, but its still fun to try to get it with all the enemy team attacking you.

The fundamental problem is that it rewards loss and win with disproportionately similar credits. There needs to be incentive to continue playing after a loss, but enough to adequately reward the winner. Halo 3 had it pretty fair, if you lost you didn’t get EXP but if you won, you got it. It’s kind of a problem in Reach where credits get used for unlockables as well as a win award. I hope it gets balanced a bit better in Halo 4.

I know ow to fix it, remove it completely. Slap on Halo 3 ranking system, and bam it is fixed.

> the Credit system is fine…


Yes the Credit System needs to be re done, but the question is can it?

It needs to be re done into something that doesn’t rewards the majority of your credits based on just finishing the game.

You get most of your credits from the “game complete” (Which is increased as you rank up)

The game promotes being bad, not getting kills, just finish the game you get most of the rank that way.

That is why afking was born and worked. The game promotes it.

If they changed that kills got more Credits than what they are now and got rid of the game complete or drastically lowered it.

Changing a headshot to something like 100 Cr per or something. Toning done the game completes to only like 100 max. Uping the ante on “performance” bonus (i think thats for winning). A 1,000 bonus for winning or something.

Stuff something like that could potentially make it better.