Don't force me to play gamemode "X" in challenges

First of all, I disagree with the challenge system in general. I think it is absolutely rubbish that you don’t reward XP based on how well a player performs in a round (not even from a win!). That’s my opinion and that’s that.

But what bothers me even more, are the challenges themselves. You are forcing me to play a sh*tty game mode/playlist that I don’t like, because doing so will give me SIX times more XP than the playlist I do like playing. You are making me do chores to level up. Chores that I hate.

If you are going to have a challenge system like this, then at least figure out challenges that can be completed in ANY playlist. Or at least make up a system where I can also level up without doing those challenges (double XP from a win, more XP from a positive KD or something).

I know the main point of putting those annoying--Yoink!- challenges is to force players to buy challenge swaps. But I would rather stop playing, that submit to that monetization scheme.

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Well I think its ok to have challenges for specific modes, this encourages newer players to play a little bit of everything, whereas if it were generic (get 50 kills, 20 assists, etc.) it wouldn’t do that.

Real issue is the specific weapon challenges, because those are very RNG.

I wouldn’t mind playing X gamemode as long as there were enough Playlist to put me into that gamemode relatively quickly.

As it is now, I’m lucky to get 1 strongholds game every 10 games. Which sucks a lot when the challenge I have is complete 3 stronghold matches.

We need a dedicated Slayer and Objective 4v4.

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One of the hardest for me to unlock this week was simply play 3 Slayer games. It was my last challenge so I was just at the mercy of RNG waiting for Slayer to show up.

I’m hoping individual playlists are added soon so we can make a focused effort on our challenges if they require specific game types.

This system is very similar to what I see in other games. Specific unlocks are locked behind certain modes or actions. I don’t understand all the hate. Do you dislike fiesta or want the armor more? I think people obsessing on unlocking everything is the problem here. It’s just cosmetics that can be used one at a time :man_shrugging:

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I dislike certain playlists, and Fiesta is one of them. Now the game tries to force my to play it, by granting a huge amount of more XP from that mode, than I would get from other modes.

I don’t care about unlocking everything, it’s just crazy that to progress on levels I have to play playlists I hate. Or buy “challenge swap” tokens. They purely want people to buy those tokens to get less annoying challenges.

“Earn a double kill in Fiesta” = Just make it “Earn a double kill in PvP” and let people play the playlists they want.

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How is it giving more xp than other modes? I might have one fiesta out of 3 weeklies. Does the weeklies fill up with fiesta if you don’t complete them?

I’m not sure if this is what they’re referring to… but the event challenges are worth 100 XP more per their normal rarity amount.

Gotcha. Even if that is the case it is still the way any game like this works. In Sea of Thieves I can do the variety of challenges they offer to level up faster or do what I want over and over for smaller amounts of xp. I have leveled up pretty quickly for the amount of time I played by my standards.