Don't be picky on the skulls 343.

It seems that every major Halo release always gives us the same 14 skulls, with most of them being dedicated to difficult rather than fun. Both Halo CE Anniversary and Halo 2 A. introduced some new skulls that were fun to use and was not solely dedicated to skill oriented skulls, also if you are going to make these skulls unlocked from the get go, then why not give us more skulls? Halo 2 A. gave us up to 30 skulls, why not give us that amount so there would be plenty of skulls. I Just want to see the Bandanna, Grunt Funeral and Boom skulls return.

More skulls!


It’d be neat to see some skulls hidden around the levels, too.

Bring back finding them. It makes it more fun

I definitely support more skulls, they can be lots of fun. I especially support the continued existence of Bandanna, who DOESN’T like infinite ammo and grenades?

More skulls would be nice, especially Bandanna. Infinite ammo is always fun.

IWHBYD imagine the Spartan banter!!!

I would like to hunt for the skulls around the single player campaign like we used to. I found that to be a lot of fun when playing through Halo: MCC.

Also imagine if they all the unique skulls from all the games in Halo 5? What is that, like 30+ skulls?

I’m really hoping most of H2A’s skulls return. I can understand not having the Scarab Gun or Prophet Birthday Party skull but please give us Grunt Funeral, Feather, Bandanna, all these fun skulls that really changed the game in big ways!

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> It’d be neat to see some skulls hidden around the levels, too.


And bandana.

I freaking loved Halo 2/A’s skulls.

Skulls that modify the physics or do otherwise strange/nonsensical things to the game are some of my favorites.

Imagine boom, feather, sputnik with groundpound!