Looks pretty funny, suscribed :slight_smile:

Glad you like it man :slight_smile: we’re not getting anything out of this, we’re just doing this for fans so I love to hear positive feedback!

Love the music, but something is wrong with my computer or you-tube because every ten seconds it would restart the video, so I didn’t get to watch it very well, looks pretty good from what I saw.

Oh yeah HE DID AMAZING on the music part, I have no idea how he matched it up so good! Also, if you guys like the video, make sure you like it, some people like to flame the video even if they don’t watch it, or are just VERY PICKY, so I have to remind people that enjoy it to click like.

“HE”? as in not you?

Actually, I did the editing. Someone else did the music.

I was also the guy that said, WAIT, WHAT?!

  • Any actors out there who might want a major role or even secondary role in this film, message mikejpar on youtube for a chance to be in the series. Most of the parts are taken but there are a few available. If you think you could do well then you are a candidate!