Done with this game.

First of all, the matchmaking service is absolutely garbage, I get put with players who go 1 and 25 constantly having to carry to even win, on occasion I get put with people who go 40 and 2 and I feel like quitting and yeah I do quit sometimes. I’m sorry I have a problem with playing with people who not only camp but watch corners spawn trap, and spawn kill. In which you’ve made your game wayyyyy to easy to do, I spawn and I’m automatically being shot at by the opposing team why can’t I just quit why should my stats go down because another player is taking advantage of the terrible spawns put into place, I’m just tired of being banned. I’ve been banned and there is no timer so I don’t think I can play online anymore thanks for the terrible service.

See you next week.

The ban timer is shown on the ban screen as soon as the message comes up explaining why you were banned, for details of time please see the ban thread pinned at the top of the Halo 5 support forums. Closing this off as “I’m done with this game” type threads never end well and really serve no purpose. Sorry you’re not having fun OP, maybe try another game and come back to Halo 5 later